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Coolest Places to Explore by Kayak in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach

Once you’ve launched your kayak rental from OB Watersports, where should you go? There are so many places to paddle and observe nature, explore islands, or find a beach party on Alabama’s beaches and back bays. You may want to kayak every day during your Gulf Shores, Orange Beach or Perdido Key vacation to fit them all in! But, for starters, put some of our favorite kayaking spots on your radar and start paddling.

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Perdido Pass Islands

There is a cluster of islands in the Perdido Pass/Alabama Point area that each offer a different experience for paddlers. The first island you’ll see is Gilchrist Island. This island is private and visitors are not allowed on it, however it is a favorite spot for bird watching near the shoreline. Feel free to circle the island and take in all the sights.


Bird Island is in the heart of Perdido Pass and is a favorite spot for boaters to park for some island fun in the sun. There is wildlife, but on summer weekends, you’re more likely to find a beach party or barbecue taking place on these white-sand beaches of Orange Beach.


Robinson Island is located right next to Bird Island and is accessible by boats and kayak rentals. Stay clear of the interior of Robinson Island as it is a protected area for shorebird nests. Still, you’ll get a chance to see many types of birds, such as wading herons and terns.


The smallest of these islands is Walker Island. You’ll see preserved grass beds that surround this island and host a large number of marine species such as shrimp and crab. You may even spot a few people kayak fishing in this area.


When you kayak near the shallows of the islands, you’ll enjoy clear-blue water. Take advantage of the views and search for hermit crabs and even horseshoe crabs under the water!


Alabama Point and Ono Island

South of Bird Island you can’t miss Caribe Resort and Cobalt Restaurant near the Perdido Pass Bridge. Under the bridge you’ll find Alabama Point, known by locals as “The Pass,” where kids and adults alike take turns jumping off the bridge base into the cool water below.


If you continue east on your Orange Beach kayak rental, you’ll find Ono Island and Old River to the south. Check out the beautiful homes on Ono Island and further down Old River you can stop at the Flora-Bama Yacht Club for a great meal and live music.


Cotton Bayou

If you paddle west after launching toward Cotton Bayou, you’ll find a quiet and peaceful area to kayak. Cotton Bayou is largely a no-wake zone, and if you keep your eyes open you may spot a dolphin or two! You can also duck into some of the small waterways and explore those “back roads” of the waterway.


There are plenty of other peaceful areas to paddle to and through on the AlabamaGulf Coast. These are just the beginning. Share your favorite spots (and photos) with us online on Facebook. We’d love to hear about your latest Orange Beach kayaking excursion.

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