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Paddle Board Rentals

Orange Beach Paddle Board Rentals

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Stand-Up Paddleboards
$25* per hour
$50* for half day (4 hours)
$90* for full day (8 hours)

*all prices are subject to change

All activity cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled date/time for full refund. No exceptions.

Paddle Board Rentals

Are you looking for a unique water sport experience that is tons of fun and also a great workout? Then you should rent a stand up paddle boarding from Orange Beach Paddle Board Rentals. Paddle boarding first became popular in the 60’s and was referred to as ‘beach boy surfing’. In recent years, paddle boarding has made a big comeback.

Often said to be a blend between kayaking and surfing, paddle boarding requires the rider to stand up on a long, flat board much like a surfboard. To move through the water, the rider uses a single paddle as one might use when in a canoe or kayak. Although at first glance this may seem an unusual sport, it is actually an incredibly easy way to get around! It’s not difficult to pick up, and in no time you’ll be gliding around on the water like a pro. Paddle boarding is a fantastic way to see the Orange Beach region, and it is also a great form of exercise. It will really work your core!

Contact us today to try out one of our amazing Orange Beach paddle boards. The whole family can enjoy this activity, and you can set out together for a memorable day paddling around the local islands. See our abundant bird life, sea turtles, and more on your unique adventure on the water. Come try paddle boarding today!


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